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Product Serial:1118-46
Product Description
Double Pole Toggle Switch
Rating: 12V 20Amps
Contact R.: 500mΩ Max.
Insulation R.: DC 500V 100MΩ Min.
Dielectric Strength: AC 100V 1 minute
Operating Temperature: -20℃~+65℃
Electrical Life: 50,000 make and break cycles at full load
Item no Circuitry Terminal  Type
1118-46 ON-OFF 4 Screws  DPST
1118-46M (ON)-OFF 4 Screws  DPST
1118-46A ON-ON 6 Screws  DPDT
1118-46AM (ON)-ON 6 Screws  DPDT
1118-46B ON-OFF-ON 6 Screws  DPDT
1118-46BM (ON)-OFF-(ON) 6 Screws  DPDT
1118-46BM1 (ON)-OFF-ON 6 Screws  DPDT
1118-46C   ON-OFF 4 Screws   DPST
*For PC termials, add "P" at the end. Ex: AES-1118-46P